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Peak boating season ‘down under’ is now in full swing. Get your boat in top condition with the WEST SYSTEM range of epoxy products which suit all kinds of vessels and maintenance projects involving aluminium, fibreglass, reinforcing fabrics, plastic, wood or composites.

Developed specifically for the marine industry, WEST SYSTEM is an industry standard,  and is used around the world by amateur and professional boat builders for boat construction and boat repairs.

ATL Composites has been manufacturing WEST SYSTEM® epoxy products in New Zealand and Australia, under licence to Gougeon Brothers Inc, USA, since 1977.

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Apart from damage and wear and tear, boats also suffer from age-related problems such as fatigue and moisture, and although many of these problems can be intimidating, with correct techniques and materials they are not difficult to solve.  westsystem.com.au/detailed-repairs

Fibreglass Boat Repair and Maintenance – To effectively repair damage typical of fibreglass boats, the repair material must be a superior structural adhesive, capable of bonding not only to polyester resin, but also to glass fibre, wood, metal and other materials.

Gelcoat Blister Repair – Repairing the blister with epoxy and then coating the hull with an epoxy barrier coat is presently the most dependable solution and prevention for this problem.

Wooden Boat Repair – For successfully for  surface preparation, bonding, laminating, fairing, applying reinforcements and final coating and finishing.

Aluminium Boat Repair – Used to repair the most common problems  – Leaking Seams & Rivets -Patching Holes in Aluminium Hulls – Repairing Pitted & Pin-holed Surfaces.

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Recently completed after three years of meticulous restoration works, three iconic Halvorsen timber motor yachts were returned to the water.

Relying on WEST SYSTEM products to bring them back to their former glory, shipwright Russell Salisbury, owner of Russell Marine Maintenance based at The Boat Works in Queensland said “I have been using WEST SYSTEM epoxies since the beginning when I did my apprenticeship at Doornbos boat builders, then establishing Russell Marine at the Boat Works in 2008 and to the present.

“I like the overall reliability of the product. Whether it be a resin-based sheathing project, resin infused with adhesive powder to make a strong gluing compound, or the resin again infused with microballoons or fairing powder to make a beautiful filling compound, it was faultless from a mixing perspective because of the clever inclusion of the measured pump packs.”

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WEST SYSTEM products are available through leading chandleries nationwide westsystem.com.au/dealers

Detailed repair information can be downloaded for FREE here.

And if you want to discuss your specific application, the ATL Composites’ Technical Team is always available and happy to provide advice on (07) 5563 1222.

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www.westsystem.com.au/detailed-repairs www.atlcomposites.com.au
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