WEST SYSTEM Fits the Brief for Wooden Boat Building

In The Water

Troy Dibben is an ‘old hand’ when it comes to using the WEST SYSTEM range.

The timber boat specialist, based at Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard has been in the trade since the late 80s and has a reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design solutions.

Troy undertook his apprenticeship in Sydney in 1988 and worked there until he moved north in 1997, attracted by the allure of the sunshine and laidback boating lifestyle of the Gold Coast

Cockpit Area
Laying Teak
Teak Deck And Floor Laid

“We specialise in building and refitting custom-made timber boats,” he explains. “We also work with fibreglass. Timber is a pleasure to work with. It’s has a unique quality, it’s easy to work with and doesn’t itch!”

For the past 25 years, Troy has favoured WEST SYSTEM for its versatility and ease of use for building and repairs.

WEST SYSTEM was developed specifically for boat-building, boat repairs and the marine industry, and ATL Composites have been the licenced manufacturer in New Zealand and Australia since 1977 for the AustralAsian market. https://www.westsystem.com.au/

Today, WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a marine industry standard used for everything from basic long-lasting repairs to the construction of high-performance composite structures around the world, and is the “go to” epoxy of choice for the wooden boat market.

“We use a lot of WEST SYSTEM, on literally every job. There’s a product for every requirement. There is nothing better. It’s brilliant!”

His team of five, comprising boat builders, cabinet makers and labourers, are currently working on replacing teak decking on several vessels, as well as refit work on a 20ft clinker boat and a 30ft Kellick boat.
West Logo Black No Brand Hi Res

Wooden boats have an enduring appeal, he states. “They have a classic feel, traditional look. People appreciate the old-school craftsmanship that goes into them. A lot of boaties like the vintage style boats. Bringing them back to life and sending them back to the water is very satisfying.”

In addition to WEST SYSTEM products, Troy also uses a variety of other products from the ATL Composite range including Rapid Cure R/H90 a quick setting, solvent free adhesive that is excellent for quick repairs , DuFLEX Composite panels specifically designed to reduce construction or repair time and optimise structural weight, and Diab ProBalsa which is a renewable resource that offers exceptional shear and compressive strength for applications such as floors and bulkheads.

“Again, because they’re easy to work with, save time and are very efficient for us in terms of waste and accuracy.”

Head Teak Floor
Cabinetry Under Construction
Varnished Teak

More at: www.facebook.com/troydibbenboatbuilding

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